Ibu Jacinta Fransisca Rini (Universitas Indonesia, Post Graduate Study – Clinical Psychology)
December 15, 2015
Seminar & Workshop “Why Play?”
December 15, 2015

Mrs. Budiarti Silalahi (76, oldest student to participate in Play Therapy International program, Chief of Governing Board of Yayasan Indonesia Peduli Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus which campaigns in treatment and education of Children with Special Needs)

To me, learning Play Therapy opened a wide life knowledge which interconnected with mental health necessary for everyone. I was the first batch participant of Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills program. What i learned turned to be greatly different from previous programs that i participated in. It was amazing when my educational background and my age – i am currently 76 years old, and came from an unrelated field of study- are taken into consideration, since people my age would be reluctant to learn what i learned. Yet, i am so thankful to have taken this chance.

The classroom environment eased me to understand the materials, because the materials themselves are directly applicable. I am currently taking part in practice program, which involved 100 hours directly with children, in order to get certified. This requires me to be professional and responsible at the same time, since i will assist children to help thmselves; it is important to not letting any children go unhelped. This program also includes an equally professional supervision.

During sessions of Play Therapy, i was so excited to know that every children possessed their own uniqueness, which is influenced by many things, that led into various emotional, behavioural, social, and mental disorders. Play Therapy, in turn, helped myself to heal with things left unfinished from very long time. I felt grateful that i still have a chance to help kids healing themselves and to keep myself contributing for others, despite my advanced age. Seeing kids that i helped now be able to speak for themselves, either for their parents, society, even for the nation and the country added more value to my life.

The need for more professional Play Therapy practitioners is huge indeed. Let’s embrace this chance and join the Play Therapy Indonesia which is now the member of PTI (Play Therapy International).

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