Play Therapy brings us together as we share the same believes that children’s language is play. Through play, children can feel at ease when they are sharing their stories or letting their emotions out. We use many kinds of tailored tools to help these children, such as: therapeutic story, music, art, puppet and many more. Children are allowed freely to choose whatever toys they want to use and however way they want to use the toys. All in one rules, as long as nobody gets hurt in the room. We as the therapist, learn to believe the process that happens inside the room and trust that each child knows what they need. In this course we learn to be their mirror and conscience, we reflect what they say and do so that they can get insights and learn from them. Through the 100 clinical hours and supervision sessions, our steps are guided until we acquire confidence and experience. Our supervisor will make sure that each trainee therapist will get and receive what they needed to become a professional play therapist after the course is completed.


Inside the class, we enjoy the experiential learning experiences. Many find insights from just listening to the lessons delivered. Unlike any other course that let us only to sit and listen, hands on experience allow us to interact with other students who have different minds and attitudes toward many values in life. The acceptance in our differences and weaknesses made each of us dare to be ourselves and out of ourselves, which formed strong connection and unity.


These bring new understanding and new point of view that enrich all individual joining the program. Small numbers of 20 students also allow us to share ideas, experiences and feeling in a safe atmosphere. We believe that it was not a coincidence that we all were put in the same group. We see similar visions, we share the same passions and we have a tremendous compassion toward children


Through 15 days interactions, we were growing into more than just classmates, we were transforming into families with a really strong bond. We then know each other stories and we choose to assist and help in a way that we can without any force or whatsoever. Finishing the course means opening up to a new experience during our clinical hours.


Assistance and support provided by both the lecturer and friends become our strength. We become a solid group that provides information, listens to problems, gives solution, and most of all encourages positivity to achieve our mission and vision; helping all Indonesian children growing into mentally healthy individuals.

December 23, 2015

Fibrina Bian Rhapsodia

Play Therapy brings us together as we share the same believes that children’s language is play. Through play, children can feel at ease when they are […]
December 15, 2015

Mrs. Budiarti Silalahi (76, oldest student to participate in Play Therapy International program, Chief of Governing Board of Yayasan Indonesia Peduli Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus which campaigns in treatment and education of Children with Special Needs)

To me, learning Play Therapy opened a wide life knowledge which interconnected with mental health necessary for everyone. I was the first batch participant of Postgraduate […]
December 15, 2015

Ibu Jacinta Fransisca Rini (Universitas Indonesia, Post Graduate Study – Clinical Psychology)

I inspired by the song by Lighthouse family…”I wish I could know how it feel to be free” 🗽 This is a little words from me […]
December 15, 2015

Ibu Tinneke Layadi (Owner a preschool and school for special needs children)

Di course kita belajar to reflect and follow the energy and movement dari client. Waktu practice dengan client, saya tidak mengira atau bahkan tidak pernah terlintas […]