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21st - 29th Sept, 2019

08.00 – 17.00 WIB



Play Therapy Asia Conference 2019

Keep in Touch: Connecting to Your Strenghts in Helping Children

Keynote Speaker: Janet A. Courtney, PhD

Practitioners are often challenged by complicated and multidimensional issues related to ethical “touch” practice with children. At the same time, we know that research overwhelming reveals the vital importance of touch to health growth and development. This Keynote session presents the neurobiology of touch, and a synopsis of an exploratory research study investigating practitioners’ perspectives of ethical touch within child counseling practice. Several in session “mediating factors” along with touch guidelines are presented in addition to five competencies aimed at supplementing core clinical practice, educational standards. All in all, this Keynote addresses the problem practitioners face related to touch in practice with children, and the practical steps we can take to address the concerns of liability. The audience will engage in experiential exercises to enhance self-awareness and to ground the topic into practice

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Learning Objectives:

  • 1. Describe three research outcomes related to practitioner perspectives and experiences of touch interactions with children in professional counseling practices.
  • 2. List five core practice competencies that support ethical touch practice encounters in child counseling and play therapy.
  • 3. List at least ten recommended guidelines related to touch in practice. 
  • 4. Describe five types of touch related to “child initiated” touch in sessions.
  • 5. Describe five types of touch related to “practitioner initiated” touch in sessions.

Keynote Speaker: Janet A. Courtney, PhD

Dr. Courtney is the founder of FirstPlay® Therapy, an attachment based Developmental Play Therapy intervention. She is a Registered Play Therapy-Supervisor, a TEDx speaker, Chair of the Ethics and Practice committee through the Association for Play Therapy, and past president of the Florida Association for Play Therapy.

  • Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Psychiatrists
  • Doctors
  • Counselors
  • Parents, and anyone interested in using play therapy or developing their skills in working with children.

W1:  Healing Child and Family Trauma through Play and Expressive Arts Therapies (2 Days)

Janet A. Courtney, PhD


22nd-23th September 2019 or 24th-25th September 2019

Join Dr. Janet Courtney, who brings over 35 years of experience working with traumatized children, as she shares a wide range of play therapy and expressive arts therapy assessment and interventions for treating children and families who have suffered trauma in their lives. Children who have been traumatized often don’t have the words to express their thoughts and feelings. Trauma lives deep within their bodies, unable to be processed, leaving them anxious, depressed, withdrawn or even aggressive. This workshop will review an understanding of the neuroscience related to the effects of trauma.

W2:  Creative Arts Therapy – Tiny Mice and Tall Trees (2 Days)

Dr.  Lynne Souter-Anderson

Available on:

22nd-23th  September 2019 or 24th-25th September 2019

Please come and join this two day course where we shall explore ways of creating and playing with images. Exciting small ideas on a tiny scale, and big fun ideas on a large scale will be experimented with, using pencil crayons, oil pastels, chalks and paints thus helping to expand the play therapist’s toolkit. This course will most certainly increase the skills and confidence of the therapist in helping children and adolescents to express themselves without necessarily explaining what their troubles and worries. Although often a story is triggered by the created images.

W3:  The Secret Inner Life of Children (4 Days)

Sudha Kudva

Available on : 22nd-25th September 2019

A four-day experiential workshop for adults to catch a glimpse of the world from a child’s viewpoint and understand why this impacts how children behave.

Participants will come to see deeper into the secret inner life of children and understand how easy it is for children to make a distorted sense of their interactions with adults.

We will learn strategies to support children to feel less shaky inside and instead feel more secure and valued. We will build understanding about why children act the way they do and how we grew from children to adults ourselves.

W4:  Clay Therapy (3 Days)

Dr.  Lynne Souter-Anderson

Available on : 27th-29th September 2019

Level 0ne. A 3 Days CPD Course –Accredited by PTUK

Clay Therapy training is simply so much more than learning new techniques, skills and interventions.

This work keeps the focus on you as therapist and your core theoretical practice whilst enabling you to see with your heart and feel with your body when working therapeutically with clients and supervisees. This course will engage you in an in-depth exploration of many theoretical concepts covering object-relations theory, Jungian concepts and existential perspectives.


Karen O’Neill

Post Qualifying Certificate in Clinical Supervision (7 Days)

22nd-29th September 2019

(there will be no class on 26th September)

The role of the Clinical Supervisor will become even more important with ‘Right Touch’ regulation. This course will enable you to leverage your play therapy experience to help many more children by advising and supporting other practitioners through clinical supervision to maintain high standards of practice.

PTI/PTUK accredited training courses are now run at 10 venues in the UK, 3 in Ireland, 1 in France and in 6 other countries, producing a stream of Play/Creative Arts Therapists who require clinical supervision. This course is designed to help to fill the shortage of suitably trained supervisors. Becoming a Certified Clinical Supervisor is also an essential step on the way to becoming a PTUK Certified Play Therapy Trainer. Both of these career opportunities will provide extra job satisfaction and additional income.

The course is designed for those who have at least 200 hours experience of working with children or adolescents using play/creative arts therapy as well as experienced, accredited counsellors. It includes:

  • A model for the supervision of play and creative arts therapies
  • Agreeing contracts
  • Using creative arts for supervision
  • Using the Play Therapy Dimension Model for supervision
  • Supervisees’ training requirements
  • Dealing with supervisees’ career development issues