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December 15, 2015
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December 23, 2015

MoU Between KPAI & PTBI


On this day, Monday, August 27th , 2015, the undersigned parties below :

  1. H.M. ASRORUN NI’AM SHOLEH, MA, as the Chairman of Indonesian Child Protection Commitee, hereby acting for, and in the name of, INDONESIAN CHILD PROTECTION COMMITTEE, based in Jalan Teuku Umar No. 10-12, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10011, subsequently referred to as the FIRST PARTY.


  1. Alice Arianto, PGDip., MBA, as the Chairman of Indonesian Play Therapy Association, hereby acting for, and in the name of, and in the name of, INDONESIAN PLAY THERAPY ASSOCIATION, based in Gedung Menara Kuningan Unit F2, Jln. HR Rasuna Said Blok X-7 Kav 5, Jakarta Selatan 12940, subsequently referred to as the SECOND PARTY.



FIRST PARTY and SECOND PARTY, altogether referred to as BOTH PARTIES, mutually described the following points:

  1. A child is someone whose age is not yet 18, including a child developing in utero;
  2. Child Protection is all sorts of activities to guarantee and to protect the child and his/her rights to live, grow, develop, and excel optimally in accordance to the values of humanity, including protection from violence and/or discrimination;
  3. FIRST PARTY is an Independent State Institution sanctioned by State Bill No. 35 Year 2014 about Changes In State Bill No. 23 Year 2002 About Child Protection and intended to improve effectivity in Indonesia’s child protection service;
  4. SECOND PARTY is a Non-Profit Organisation which consecrates itself in handling and improving mental, emotional, behavioural, and social well-being with the means of play therapy to help children in Indonesia to attain their maximum potential.
  5. BOTH PARTIES are committed to actualize the best as possible for children’s interest through child protection program.

In accordance to the points described above, FIRST PARTY and SECOND PARTY hereby agreed to create a Memorandum of Understanding with terms as follows:


Article 1

Purpose and Intention

  1. The Intent of this Memorandum of Understanding is to provide a cornerstone for BOTH PARTIES in carrying out Child Protection;
  2. The purpose of this Memo of Understanding is the creation of joint effort and synergy between BOTH PARTIES in carrying out Child Protection.


Article 2


This Memorandum of Understanding covers all necessary efforts for :

  1. Handling and Improving mental, emotional, behavioural, and social well-being by play therapy approach
  2. Expanding networks and partnership in child protection service


Article 3


Target of this Memorandum of Understanding is :

  1. Organizers of child protection, including parents, family, society, and state.
  2. Children who fell victim to child right’s violations.
  3. All stakeholders of child protection in SECOND PARTY’s environment.


Article 4

Anticipation and Time Period

  1. This Memorandum of Understanding comes to effect within two years of its signing date until December 31st, 2017, and is subject to renewal with a new memorandum of understanding.
  2. The implementation of this cooperation will be regulated further and formalized in a Cooperation Agreement, which covers detailed procedures in the agreed fields of cooperation and other things necessary.
  3. Cooperation Agreement can only be implemented after being jointly signed by both parties.


Article 5


In more spesific terms, if, in the future, the program carried out in this Memorandum of Understanding should result in matters unincluded in it, BOTH PARTIES are required to discuss such matters in a separated session in terms with valid laws/bills.


Thereby this Memorandum of Understanding is agreed and signed together by both parties in the day and date mentioned before, and copied in two with stamps, each with equal legal force.










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