Play Therapy Indonesia

Play Therapy Asia Conference 2019

We are delighted that we will be covering ‘Touch’ as the theme of the 2019 Play Therapy Asia Conference as it is a socially sensitive area but at the same time the use of appropriate touch is a valuable addition to our skills as play therapists, mental health professionals, educators and parents. It is such an important element in our work with children, yet complex in the application due to ethical and cultural values. We are very excited to be able to present the world’s foremost speakers on the subject, Dr. Janet Courtney. Dr. Courtney who will be the keynote presenter to talk about the practice-based application of touch.

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15 Days Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills

A Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills which enables successful participants to practice therapeutic play skills within their own profession e.g. Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physiatrist, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, School Principal, Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Paediatrician, Social Worker, Nurse.

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Seminar bagi Pendidik & Profesional Kesehatan Mental dan Emosi Anak

Anak dengan gangguan perilaku dan emosi dapat mengalami hambatan dalam perkembangannya, khususnya pada fungsi akademis dan sosial. Hambatan fungsi akademis sangat terkait dengan kemampuan anak mengembangkan potensinya atau underachievement, sulit berkonsentrasi, melamun, tidak menyelesaikan tugas, mudah menyerah, mogok sekolah. Sementara hambatan dalam fungsi sosial berupa sikap agresif, sering terlibat konflik, menarik diri dan sulit bekerja sama dengan orang lain.

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